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Online Trading

Online Trading System is a trading system provided by securities brokerage firm that allows clients to submit their securities order (to buy and to sell) through electronic communication media, such as internet, wireless application protocol services (WAP), or other electronic media. Clients' orders will be processed through the brokerage office system and remote trading devices of Exchange Members, which are equipped with automatic validation, for further forwarded to the JATS (Jakarta Automated Trading System).

For new customer, the user ID, password and PIN will be mailed to you separately to your registered email.
User ID and password are used to log into online trading application.
PIN is 4-digit number used to access certain menus in the online trading application.

To change your password, simply access on "Setting" page and click "Change Pass and PIN" menu. The new password chosen has to be alphanumeric, case-sensitive and bearing 8 to 15 characters, e.g. AbC12345, ABc12345.

Note: Special symbols, e.g. &, {, !, $, etc., are not allowed for both user ID and password.

For added security, we have implemented periodic password change in our system. You are required to change your password periodically.

Call us at 021-2970 9311 to arrange for a new password to be mailed to you.

Your account will be blocked if you have made 3 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts.
Please call us at 021-2970 9311 for further assistance.

OCBC Sekuritas does not allow simultaneous logins. The first terminal will be logged out automatically once you log into the second terminal.

The access to iOCBC Sekuritas Online Trading server may be blocked by your company's network system (firewall).
You may wish to approach your network administrator for assistance.

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